06 November 2008

Words I can't shake

We all have them. They're either left over from high school or picked up from the streets as we move through life. Our 'go to' words when all else fails us. They're ingrained in us. No thought required most of the time. They just bubble to the surface unbidden. Here's a few of mine:

Boffo: To this day, I don't know where the hell I picked this up but I love it. I get the occasional strange look when I declare something 'boffo,' but I'm used to that. It just rolls off the tongue and makes everything extra awesome.

Gnarly: When I was in high school I used to make fun of people that used this word. It was a dumb surfer word. Then I went to college and started rock climbing. A lot. It was the perfect word. "Dude, that bracket you used to get to the top of the white lightning route was gnarly." or "Dude, you're gonna need stitches for that, it's just gnarly." (I just used some crazy glue and kept climbing btw, it was no where near gnarly enough for stitches.) Anyway, 'gnarly' is just too all-purposey for me and it's staying.

Dude: Yeah, there's no getting away from this one either. It's all purpose too. It's all in the inflection. It can be used in greeting, outrage, commiseration, surprise...it's a catch all. I should do an audio post for that to truly capture the essence. I think I'm too lazy to though. Dude.

Tard: This is probably my most anti-PC term. Hey, I'm a child of the 80's. I don't do politically correct. Besides, I use it to describe people like...um...me actually. Usually after a particularly smooth move. It's more like a term of endearment. If I didn't like you and you did something stupid, you'd be an asshole. But you're all 'tards in my book. You're welcome.

MoFo: This one is my newest. I picked it up to replace my previous favorite so that The Boy didn't go spouting that one off. See, I can be a role model. It's bad enough that he lets the occasional 'Jesus H. Christ' slip after he helps me work with plumbing.

Two quick asides while we're on the topic:

"What does the 'H' stand for, daddy?"

"Harold. You know, like the song, "Hark the Harold Angels sing."

(Yeah, I can't wait for the Catholic School to call after he tries to explain that to his class.)


"What does MoFo mean daddy?"

"It's just a funny word that grown-ups say...and only grown-ups say. We use it to describe the things in life that stymie us."

"Do the things go away then?"

"Nope, but we always have our funny word for small solace."

I have some others too, but those are the ones I catch myself with most often.

Now it's time for some commenty goodness: So what are the words you can't shake?


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Sprite's Keeper said...

Yahoo. I use it to describe the yahoo that just cut me off in traffic to the great BOGO deals at my local grocery store.
Dude is also a catch all for me. If you were to Google me and Dude, then I really don't know what would come up, but it wouldn't be about a sex change because I was NEVER a dude. Don't listen to the Captain. He does not have proof no matter what he tells you!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, yeah!
Numero Uno! And Numero Dos!

Khadra said...

gay (as in you're so.. and that's...)
retarded (I know wrong, SO wrong!)

Mel said...

Dude for me too. Crap and ass (as in: he's such an...) come up a lot too. To curb my inner sailor I say diddlysquat and shoot fire A LOT.

Cameron said...

Gay, gayward, assclown, assbag, douchebag....and these are just my pet names for my wife ;)

Stephanie said...

Stupey [Stoopie], which is what we all have started saying in this family since Josh, my two year old, decided that was how he wanted to pronounce the word "stupid".

Butthank, which is something I made up in a temper tantrum trying to say something else. I don't remember what. But it stuck, and now I use it to describe people who are annoying me.

Also, I will occasionally add a "pants" to the end of someone's name for emphasis. You know, if I have some point I really want to drive home about your behavior, Heinous Pants.

You know, seeing these things in writing makes me realize how awesome I really am. Nice.

Mel said...

Dude is also on my list, as is mofo. But I will TOTALLY let a "motherfucker!" fly if I'm really fired up about something. My kids know I swear, and I know for a fact that out of my line of sight they themselves swear. It's a process all children go through, so why fight it? If they didn't hear it from me, they'd hear it from peers, so what's the difference? None, from where I'm standing.
I also use "goddammit" a lot. Which is funny as hell, since I am a godless heathen.
I have been surprised at how often the phrase "that ROCKS!" has erupted from my face recently, too. Who knew I still had buttrock phraseology in my back pocket? There are more, but I don't want to eat your comment section. :)

goodfather said...

You know, it's funny how the blog world has changed my slang a little. I 'dude', 'awesome', and 'crapasshat' all day, but now words like 'awesomesauce' are starting to creep in. Also briefly played with BHJ's 'grawsome' but it didn't stick.

DeeMarie said...

Dude. It's an all-purpose word too.
I also say "please" a lot. As in repeat yourself or go ahead.
No doubt. And Seriously. Seriously...

Tony said...

Dude, I use the word “Dude” all the time even when I write stuff I use Dude. I don’t know why I do, I just do.

On a different note – I now realize why you get so many awards – plain and simple, you’re just too good. While I was on vacation I would find myself using my cell phone internet to check your blog after everyone else was asleep. My phone wouldn’t let me post comments though otherwise I would have.

You’re like the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Blogs.

Ann said...

I'm sure my girls will give me "the look" one day and let me know that I am far too old to be using that word. But until then, things are cool.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Yeah, I am a sufferer of the overuse of the word "dude." I also say "cool beans" way too much. Of course there is the old standby "awesome" and the lately I have been using "stoked" again, which was one of my faves in high school. I personally think you can't use the words "dope," "fly," or "yo" enough. That's just my opionion...

Ones that I used to say that I don't use as much now are "meany bucket," "fuckadoodle doo" and "doofus."

I just want to say that I would like you to record yourself saying the word "boffo" in a sentence and either post it on your blog or send it to me personally, because I have to hear it and decide myself if you saying it has convinced hundreds of people in your lifetime that you are gay. But, being the manly man that you are, I am sure when you say it, it reeks of machismo. Like your pink awards...by the way ;)

Kirsten said...

Dude is the worst for me.
Awesome too.

Cat said...

Fuck is my word. Although, I do not have children and do not often have to censor myself (note: parents of children are NEVER pleased when you let that one out in front of the youngins'. try very hard never to do so.)
Seriously. I say it all the time, seriously.
Dude. That one is hard to shake.

creative kerfuffle said...

ditto on dude--in fact, my kids and the hubs now say it all the time too.
fucker--i say this a lot, (not around the kids). sometimes when i'm mad, but mostly as a term of endearment when the hubs has said something he thinks is totally amusing and i find it only slightly so.
really?--w/ inflection as in REALLY? are you THAT much of a retard? (yes, sadly, i say retard too)
holy cow--sadly, lamely i write this way too much in emails, but i don't say it out loud.
occassionally i'll throw in a craptastic just for fun.

Heinous said...

Jen: Pronounced YAY-hoo? I used to use that to. You win btw!

Khadra: lol...I use dumbassery.

Mel: Isn't it amazing how kids take away our best material?

Cameron: She sounds like a sweetie ;)

Stephanie: Butthank is hilarious. I'm stealing it.

Mel: I'm a heathen too! Don't tell the pope though.

goodfather: mine too, I've been known to revert to 'totally' because of blogging.

DeeMarie: I use seriously. I just wish I could pronounce it like it should be spelled: srsly

Tony: Lol. Thanks man. I'm gonna have to get a brown, hooded robe now, huh?

Ann: Psh, 'the look' slides right off. They'll never do it again either if you shift into 'full embarrass mode' after they do it.

Petra: 'Cool beans' and 'stoked'...I haven't heard those in years. I'll let you go with your own judgment on dope and fly. I'll get that recording to you...and it will be boffo.

kirsten: I occasionally say 'dudebabe' when I catch myself calling a female 'dude.'

Cat: I miss not having to censor myself. I'll have to live that through you now.

CK: I do let an occasional 'fuck me' slip when kidless.

Vodka Mom said...

omg. Let me think- I always say "frankly".

and I am always saying p.s.

" oh, and Sassy, p.s. you're grounded. "


Wayne John said...

In my list are 'Dude', 'totally' and 'for sure'...i wish I could shake 'em, but the whole 80's thing really stuck to me...

JaxPop said...

Geez - had to think about this one. Guess I use the word bangin' too much when I like something a lot - as in 'their blackened mahi is bangin'

The word that drives me nuts that everyone uses to describe everything lately is 'amazing'

Diane said...

1) Dude. Ryan and I can have an entire conversation using only that word. 2) Lordy, lordy. Dunno where that came from, as I'm not southern by birth or nature and I don't really do the Lord in general. 3) Friggin'. And that's so I don't slip and say the real F word in front of my kid. 4) Cool beans. Again, dunno where it came from. 5) Good googly-moogly. I don't know what is wrong with me. 6) Geez. Again, it's to replace Jesus H. Christ ('cept I never knew what the H stood for - thanks for clarifying) or Jesus F*cking Christ (yeah, if there's a Hell, I'm totally going there).

Paige said...

I am a big proponent of Mother fucker. It has so many meanings.

I notice that if someone uses a word that gets on my nerves, next thing I know, I am saying it too.

I have some odd ones, like Jesus Martha. Who is that I wonder? She is quite often shocked and appalled though, I guess, as that is how I use it.

I also think a lot of things are "jacked up".

Jane! said...

Seriously, is um... seriously my favorite.
And I'm back to using shit a lot now that my kids are older.
I seriously love shit... the word, I mean.

Heinous said...

Deb: I do the p.s. thing in comments all the time.

Wayne: we just have to keep telling ourselves it's not a curse.

Jaxpop: I had completely forgotten about bangin'.

Diane: You must have been a Belle in another life. I get the JFC out sometimes. It's for effect, I'm sure god doesn't mind one bit.

Paige: A true classic...

Jane!: "Shit" is one of my son's favorite. Thanks mom.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I love to use different words to describe turds, dude, mo fos, but the famous word around these parts is 'redneck' them bunch of rednecks... Yeah it's an ole one but affective. But I love it when my kids say it... funny stuff!!

Jamie said...

Great post -
Mine are

Oh my heck

Casey said...

You are such a funny mofo. That's one of mine too. Dude is another. Graham will say "dood" if we prompt him, I love it. Can't wait until he starts picking up on some of the other words we try NOT to say in front of him.

Bee said...

Mine is DUDE.
I think that's the only one I say about 100 times a day.
Oh yeah and SERIOUSLY.

Well, the dogs bring out the worst in me because they are so freakin' needy. I usually ask them "WTF now??"

Dan Brantley said...

I am afraid I am addicted to
as in Hello, anyone home? Anyone thinking in there?

I Stumbled this for ya.

Oh and NahBloMe! priceless!

Heinous said...

Carrie: lol...one of my favorite saying, "You can't polish a turd."

Jamie: The three word combo...awesome, with a 10 from the Russian judge.

Casey: It'll happen. Then you get to figure out how to stop it.

Bee: The dogs interrupt your blog time, don't they?

Dan: It's a great survey word. Thanks for the stumble!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I wish I could make myself stop saying it but that will never happen.

Frack. No idea when or where I picked this gem up but I do emply it quite frequently.

Cool Beans. High school leftover.

And, of course, Dude. Because, dude, it's just so awesome.

Jannie said...

I can totally relate to the mo-fo one, got asked the exact same thing by my 7-year old a month ago.

Gnarly boffo post, Dude!

Never heard tard before tho.

HeatherPride said...

You crack me up! And I have ALWAYS wondered what the H stood for! So glad you cleared that up for me!!

Dude is a classic of mine. I can't not say it. Dude.

Freakshow. I call my kid and my husband and most of the people I work with by that term of endearment.

And seriously. Seriously.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

oh, I forgot frick and other variations such as "frickin,'" "frickity frick" and "frick me"

I also say "fuck me" a lot when the kids aren't around, but shhhh, don't tell my parents!

Captain Dumbass said...

Dude, Mofo (various forms), shit, princess (for poor drivers, preferably male), seriously, sweet (can't kick it)... so many. Of course the one word I use more than any other these days it "no!"

Heinous said...

Jen: Frack? That's old school Battlestar Galactica. Embrace your awesome, don't deny it.

Jannie: You should take tard for a test run...it's nice.

Heather: Freakshow has a nice ring to it. I picture my son when I say it.

Petra: Your secret is safe with me as long as they don't read the comments on my blog.

Cap'n: Does the 'no' thing work for you? It's hit and miss for me.

Diane said...

Oh, I forgot 'shit-oh-dear'... that one came from my cousin, who's from New Zealand. I've been using it for about 20 years.

Cape Cod Gal said...

Dude and Mother #@cker for me. They are a words that spring from my lips before my brain can grab them.

Heinous said...

Diane: That's perhaps the cutest way to say it ever.

CCG: Odd how so many of us have those in our list...

Deb said...

"Cool" - Always said it. Dude-Man (son, age 21) says it. Dog (age 6) says it. Thanks to web speak, I say WTF all day long, but only when no one else is around. I know, I'm a wuss.

jori-o said...

I'm pretty boring--seriously, sweet, and holy mackerel! are my go-to's (I'm surrounded by too many little kids). I try to say Oh, for the love of Pete when I can because I think it's so ridiculous.

K and/or K said...

shi* balls



fwigg'n a man

tard nugget


der (instead of duh)

I like this post.

Heinous said...

Deb: Wusses are more than welcome. You had no trouble giving me a hard time for my late award response, so I don't think you're there.

jori-o: I've always wondered who Pete was.

K/K: lol...tard nugget. Is that white meat or dark? Thanks for stopping by.

Red Cup Mom said...

How do you get so many comments in one day in one post? Geez Louise. See, there's one that I use. Haha.

Plus underpants. That about pisses everyone off when I use underpants. I am supposed to use panties instead. I talk about underpants alot.

Other words -- fuck, shit, and the usual are common. I use dude and you rock in emails alot.

I like awesomesauce, but that's taken...

Michele said...

I have grown kids which means that anything goes. Around our house fuck is the word of choice. The husband will say something about my cooking and my response would be; "fuck you!". His response to that is "you're just saying that". Then I say; "no, I really mean it". Then a tussle ensues. LOL

Lola said...

I've tried to break the "Dude" habit, but it slips here and there. Dumbass, tard, shit, fuck, motherfucker, asswipe, dick, WTF, bitch, and the list just goes on. They all just fly out pretty much daily.

Mike said...

Born and raised in California so...the word "dude?" It is my birthright!

Heinous said...

Jen: I cheated on the comments today, I asked ;)

Michele: We're a long way off from that. Not from the tussle though, just linguistic freedom.

Lola: Dude, you can't break the 'dude' habit. It's just not done.

Mike: Amen to that. You can't deny your birthright.

Nap Warden said...

No...seems I say it all day! Kiddos are constantly getting into something...no, no, NO!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

I am a big fan of 'Dang!" Picked it up when we moved to FL.
My FAV word though is "Douche"
I know, I know, its HORRIBLE! But I find it fits so nicely into my everyday language!
PS- Visting from April's site : )

Heinous said...

NW: Nah, not kids. They never do that.

Erin (or is it Nick...or Merrick?): Thank you so much for stopping by. Douche always cracks me up. It's just the way it sounds.

Zip n Tizzy said...

A CA girl of the '80's – I'm still trying to shake "like"

Sherendipity said...

I say phartknocker a lot.

Heinous said...

ZnT: wow, that brings back some memories. Fer sure.

Sher: lol...I'd forgotten all about that one.

Lawyer Mom said...

My problem is the words and phrases I have forgotten are still stored in my head. Mr. M and I were at the Apple store one day and he gave his pocket soldier to a little kid. Then he tried to take it back. "Don't be an Indian Giver, sir!" I scolded him. Then it go really quiet and a few people were glaring at me. What the hell? What's the problem? Oh. Right. Indian Giver. Oops.

Heinous said...

LM: And oddly, it seems to have worked out the other way around. I made the mistake of calling sitting Indian style once. It's 'cross-legged' now.