24 September 2008

Office Tour

I checked the stats from yesterday and they have, in fact, changed. All your souls appear to be on the plus side of the ledger now.

Today I bring you the office tour as inspired by gathering dust. it's sorta of neat to go through and take stock after you've been somewhere for a while (12 years for me.) Some items pick up a significance and others don't. (The photos are linked, so if you want to embiggen them, click on them)

From office tour

The view on the way in complete with laptop, desktop, big blue lightbulb (I used to have an utter moron a professor that could not figure out -- after four freaking years -- that you had to touch the metal to turn it on) and Go board. Also the institutional desk o'doom. If anyone snaps and starts shooting, I'm covered.

From office tour

Because Darwin matters...

From office tour

My third desk. Note the stylish coat rack by Dell. That tea mug rules btw. You put your tea leaves in and water and it strains through the bottom into your cup.

From office tour

The much needed warm shirt since the HVAC department on campus keeps it at a balmy 63 degrees in the Summer. Espresso maker.

From office tour

The test server. Sure it's missing a drive, but that's why it's a test server.

From office tour

Yes, I have a TV in my office. I never turn it on though. I just figured since they have a cable hookup I should have a TV. Assorted manuals and networky crap.

From office tour

Desktop and associated detritus.

From office tour

The pics and guardian dragon.

From office tour
I have not killed that plant and it has been nearly three months.

From office tour

Yeah, baby. Toys. The Wife was worried The Boy would choke on the magnetix, so it was my gain. He'll never see it. Tea, stuffed creatures. Snot sucker in the upper left that I use to clean my fountain pens.

From office tour

CD's, tools, manuals, and my Harley fountain pen by Waterford.

From office tour

Arrrrr...piss me off and ye get ta walk the plank matey.

From office tour

The board where I lay stuff out occasionally.

From office tour

The corkboard. Note the sexy pinup calendar. Mmmm...fountain pens. Sorry, it's one of my fetishes. That and watches even though I rarely care what time it is. Check the sign in the lower right.

From office tour

The mug says it all.

From office tour

Creepy desktop wallpaper.

From office tour

Views out my window. Awesome mountains.

From office tour

From office tour

I run along the river some mornings. It's nice to watch the sun come up over the mountain on the left and light up the river.


Athena said...

Hahaha love the "darwin bag"! And the view out your windows is gorgeous!!

Stephanie said...

Everyone needs a guardian dragon. That's what I always say.

Diane said...

I have a guardian dragon, I drink tea, and I look at mountains out my window, too. Are you sure you're not me? It could explain those black-outs... hmmmmmm...

Heinous said...

Diane: There may be one small (well, not small, but we won't delve into that) difference...

The Stiletto Mom said...

Heinous, I feel so much closer to you now... :)

jenboglass said...

I love you view of your mountains. But I have to tell you, they're only hills. Come to Utah, my friend, we have MOUNTAINS. But beware of weird liquor laws. There's a definite trade off.

Diane said...

Oh yeah... I didn't think about that... (thanks for the visual, though ;)

JaxPop said...

The pirate flag & the view are awesome. (I'm a HUGE fan of pirates - not the ones in Pittsburgh - Go Phils!). Hey, does the guardian dragon also work as a lighter?

Jen - Don't go dissin' the mountains there in Pa. These days, the only time I even see a HILL is when I drive over a bridge.

Heinous said...

Mary Anne: That's always a good thing :)

Jen: I've always wanted to make it out that way. It sounds like I'll have to smuggle my own drinks though.

Jaxpop: Sorry, no lighter although that would be pretty sweet even though I quit way long ago. I'll take the Phils any day too.

- Celes - said...

I envy your view.

Ron said...

must. possess. that. coffee mug.

Heinous said...

Ron: I can give you the source for the mug although it has morphed into a 16-ounce travel mug and not the 20 oz tankard.

Lisa said...

Our souls are ok? Whew. That was a close one. ;-)

How do you resist the urge to blow off work in the winter? Because mountains + winter = skiing & hottubbing!

for a different kind of girl said...

Oh, such a view!

I have a bit of a pen love, too. I got a beautiful pen from my husband shortly after we met, because I was working as a journalist then, and it meant even more than I'd have realized. Now I always look for them when we're out.

(apologies for taking a bit to get over here, but I do want to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!)

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

What a fabo idea!
Mountains out of your window? You lucky B*****. I look out of my windows onto, oh wait,
I can't see out of my window - it's like working in a box!
By the way, detritus, great word. I'm writing it down to use later.

Vodka Mom said...

OMG YOU had the goddamned Gingerbread man all along! He was on your cork board! We'll be RIGHT over....

Heinous said...

Lisa: I could find excuses to blow of work if I lived on the moon, but I guess it's the bills that are the most motivating.

hmmm...Diffy (Hey, it sounds better than the anagram): No apologies needed. If you're like me, you have a bazillion blogs you read. Life gets in the way.

Tara: You can share my view when you need to.

Deb: You'll need to bring him a seeing eye dog if you take note of the way I hung him on the board.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

The view was awesome NOT~~ Okay so you love your office HUH? I think I want to steal your "smartass" mug.. hmmm the t.v. i would be glued too .. I mean really it work right? It is our rest time.

Vodka Mom said...


Vodka Mom said...

we love the physically challenged here at our school.