03 September 2008

College Etiquette for Students

I work at a small university. The students are usually pretty nice, but I think there are perhaps a few areas they cold use some schooling in. I'll cover a few at a time. I know they have other things that they need to study right now, so I'll hit a few tidbits across a few posts so it can be absorbed in small chunks.

1. Since we're speaking of chunks...If you feel the need to 'deliver street pizza' (AKA ralph, barf, technicolor yawn, etc.) after a long night of bingeing and there's a choice between grass or the sidewalk, always choose the grass. I don't need to see what you were eating last night people. A little consideration goes a long way here. and yick by the way.

2. If you feel the need to talk on the cell phone as we step into the elevator, don't glare at me when I join in on the conversation. It's a public area and if you're going to be nattering away, so am I. Don't expect me to stare politely at the doors while you annoy the living shit out of me.

3. Don't send me copies of your spam. Yes, I know what it looks like. Hell, I even get some myself sometimes. We can't catch it all but we try. If you keep sending me your spam after I explain all this to you, I know a guy (me) who can put the freaking kibosh to your ability to correspond with anyone.

There. That shouldn't tax you too much for now. Go, enjoy the semester and do well.



Diane said...

This made me laugh out loud... thanks for that!

Mike said...

I think the term "street pizza" is going to become part of my regular vernacular!

Vodka Mom said...

4. If you are taking a "bar tour" downtown, please wear neon and some kind of blinking light as you wander to and fro across the streets. We people who are carting our kids to and fro would prefer not to run you over with a car full of teens. Makes for a messy night.

Maggie, Dammit said...


(and I'm in the right place, right? This is the one I should bookmark? Get rid of the old one?)

Heinous said...

diane: hello and thanks.
Mike: ah, the good old college days vernacular.
VM: Bah, just run them over. They'll make more.
Maggie: Yup, this is the place. Once I got the 3 column thing figured out, I was happy with blogger again.

HappyHourSue said...

"Street pizza" - gross! Somehow I never delivered in 4 years of college. Sleeping on the bathroom floor, yes.

Your blog is hysterical - you should sign up over at Humor Blogs (humor-blogs.com) or Humor Bloggers. (humorbloggers.com)

Stephanie said...

We live about six blocks from a big university. I'm posting these rules in my yard for frat brothers to read as they stumble past in a stupor and mess with my crap.